What are we up to at Surefire Pictures today?

Posted on 26 aug 2016 by Jimmy Keegan   |   Filed under Current News 

Short Film "Tick Tock" is complete and is available on YouTube here...

TICK TOCK - YouTube Link

Brief Description: A jealous girlfriend walks home alone from a night of clubbing. The night turns into a run for her life after crossing paths with an evil clown.

Project Details

What's Next?
Our feature film "Amusia" is in the script phase. Further details TBA.

Jimmy Keegan ~ Director

Love Scene (Vignette) from DIM

Posted on 23 mar 2015 by Jimmy Keegan   |   Filed under Current News 

A short scene originally shot for a music video (for the artist Giosue).
Directed by Jimmy Keegan
Starring AnnaMaria DeMara

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