Project Type: Short Film   |   Project Release Date: August, 2016

A jealous girlfriend walks home alone from a night of clubbing. The night turns into a run for her life after crossing paths with an evil clown.

STATUS: Released Aug. 2016. Submitting to Film Festivals for the 2017 festival season. Available on YouTube now!

Project Details:

Thanks to everyone who helped make this film. Both our producer Daniel Losco and the Director Jimmy Keegan whole heartedly agree that although it may seem like a cliché statement, it's absolutely true; Everyone listed in the end credits of the movie was vitally important. We put this short film together with next to no budget and a small team. Shot in Toronto with a Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k. Our goal was a proof of concept for both a thriller feature idea as well as really testing out the capabilities of the Blackmagic camera in a real life shooting environment and workflow. We hope you enjoy the film and share with your friends.

TICK TOCK - YouTube Link

Starring: Chantel Pereira & Daniel Losco





Director: Jimmy Keegan

Producer: Daniel Losco